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Brazil Facts  August 10, 2018 – 11:49 pm
Wildlife of Brazil - Wikipedia

Brazil is immense in size - it enchants with natural beauty, the people are energetic and friendly and its unique mix of Portuguese and African influences makes for something truly exiting.

The very best of this captivating destination, in our opinion, is its sun-kissed beaches and the wildlife of the Pantanal. Rio de Janeiro is truly legendary as one of those have-to-visit cities of the world, known for its infamous favelas, glitzy carnival and legendary beaches. Developed from colonial times with a rich architectural history, natural scenery and iconic sights, such as the unmistakable statue of Christ the Redeemer. Sun worshippers won’t be disappointed with a coastline of epic proportions stretching from the north west to the south of the country, dotted with seaside villages and resorts.

For Brazil wildlife enthusiasts there is plenty to see and do in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, which it shares with neighboring Peru. The Amazon rainforest takes up most of Brazil’s land mass and the Amazon river flows over 350 000 square kilometers of land in the wet season. For wildlife spotting though, nowhere on the continent trumps the Pantanal (a massive wetland area) and a UNESCO site, home to about 3, 500 plant species, 656 bird, 325 fish, 159 mammals, 53 amphibian and 98 reptile species.


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