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Travelling to Brazil visa

Visa Information to Brazil  April 26, 2017 – 07:34 am
Travel To Brazil Without A Visa This Year - One Mile at a Time
US CitizensResiding in the following States

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

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Other Countries

Click here to get full information on Brazilian Consulates in US and other countries.
What do you need

To enter Brazil, all U.S. citizens, including infants, must have both a passport and a tourist visa (valid for five years). To obtain one, you must submit the following to the Brazilian Embassy or to the nearest consulate:

1. A passport that will be valid for six months past the date of first entry to Brazil. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages designated for “VISAS” and must be signed by holder.

2. A passport-type photo, size 2″ x 2″, front view with full face;

3. A photocopy of your roundtrip ticket, flight itinerary or a signed letter from a travel agency with confirmed roundtrip bookings, which we provide you, or proof of your ability to pay for your stay in Brazil;

4. Application form with fields 1-27 filled out and signed. Form to present to Consulate must have original signature (not a faxed form);

5. Children under age of 6 are required to show a certificate of vaccinations against polio, stating type and age;

6. If applicant is under the age of 18, and is traveling without parents or a legal guardian, a notarized letter of consent signed by parents or legal guardian is required.
Visa have been waived for citizens of the following countries:

-Costa Rica
-Ecuador -Finland
-The Netherlands
-San Marino
-South Africa
-Trinidad and Tobago
-United Kingdom

For these countries, only the following documents are required:

A passport (or “cedula de identidade”) valid for at least six months.
A return onward ticket, or adequate proof that you can purchase your return fare, or proof of your ability to pay for your stay in Brazil.


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