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Rio 2016: The top 10 Brazilian street foods  March 23, 2018 – 05:10 pm

picanha-rio-food.jpgAlmost more so than any other country, the food scene in Brazil is a culinary melting pot merging influences from all over the world. Ingredients and traditions from as far afield as Africa, Japan and Portugal intermingle with the native landscape of coastline, farmland, mountains and jungles to create a wonderful mish-mash that is often best seen (and tasted) right out on the street.

The world famous Rio carnival is a perfect example; all elements of Brazil’s rich culture and heritage celebrated throughout the city with food, drink, dance and music playing equal parts in this all-encompassing celebration.

rio-food-coxinha.jpgFrom sweet treats to salty snacks, here are our top picks of classic Brazilian street foods.

As the top of the sirloin seak, picanha is the prime cut and best served barbecued (Michael Swan)

1. Picanha

Barbecuing meat is something the Brazilians do very well. Churrascarias are specific barbecue restaurants which can now be found all over Brazil, but the tradition comes from the Gauchoculture of the south, where cowboys would cook meats skewered on metal spits over hot coals, seasoned simply with rock The prime cut of meat now associated with this style of cooking is picanha – the top part of sirloin steak. This has a thick layer of fat which ensures the charred, smoky meat just melts in the mouth.

2. Pastel de queijo

A crisp, deep-fried pastry, this portable snack is found mainly in the southeast of the country (particularly in São Paulo) and makes for the perfect street food. Served hot as an accompaniment to drinks, the pastéis can be stuffed with any number of savoury fillings, from chicken or ground beef to heart of palm or melting cheeses. Sweet versions can also be found, usually flavoured with tropical fruits, chocolate or caramel.

rio-food-kibe.jpgBrazilians love their deep fried food and chicken coxinha, filled with chicken and cheese, are no exception

3. Brazilian chicken coxinha

Another deep-fried classic from São Paulo, coxinha are crunchy croquettes usually made with a filling of shredded chicken and Catupiry (a soft, creamy cheese). The filling is surrounded by a layer of dough, then coated in golden breadcrumbs before frying to create the perfect crunch. Often shaped like a teardrop, this is thought to represent the shape of a chicken thigh which would have originally been used for the filling.

The cheese bread snack is popular at breakfast time and can be served warm or cut open with jam

4. Pão de queijo (cheese bread)

Now found throughout Brazil, these little, light fluffy buns originated from the southern region of Minas Gerais. Essentially "cheese bread", the dough is a simple mix of cassava (tapioca) flour and soft cheese, usually the local queijo Minas. A great snack for anytime of day, these are particularly popular at breakfast, served either warm as they are or split and stuffed with more cheese or spread with jam.

casava-chips-rio-food.jpg rio-food-bolinho-de-bacalhau.jpg rio-food-brigadeiro.jpg rio-food-feijoada.jpg


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