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Facts about Sao Paulo  July 31, 2018 – 10:35 pm

Pateo do Collegio - Sao Paulo Facts5. São Paulo lies on a hilly plateau some 2, 700 feet (820 m) above sea level therefore temperatures are a little milder than lower areas with the average temperature ranging between 60-70 degree Fahrenheit.

6. Facts about Sao Paulo - In 1997 the city of São Paulo "Rodízio de veículos" in a way to combat the increasing congestion and pollution in the city. The system works in that owners of vehicles are exempt from entering the city 1 day per week from the hours of 7-10am and 5-8pm monday to friday. It is all controlled through the registration plate of the vehicle and entering the city during your cars Rodizio you will receive a fine.

7. The city has the 3rd largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world behind New York and Hong Kong and the largest building in São Paulo and also of Brazil is the Mirante do Vale, which is 170 meters in height and was opened in 1960.

8. In 1959 at the city council elections in a battle against corruption the top vote- with approx 100, 000 went to a five-year-old female rhinoceros named Cacareco and that is not a joke! Nonetheless the council would not accept a rhino on the board, but as one commentator mentioned "It is better to elect a rhino than an ass."

9. In September 2006, São Paulo’s mayor Gilberto Kassab, passed the “Clean City Law, " outlawing the use of all outdoor advertisements, including on billboards, transit, and in front of stores.

10. A person born in the city of São Paulo is known as a "Paulistano" and one who is born in the state is called a Paulista.

11. The Italian community in the city is also huge and of the 11 million inhabitants of São Paulo it is said that 60% have some Italian ancestry.

12. Due to the congestion in São Paulo it can be hard and time consuming for the weathy to get around and this is probably why the city has the largest number of helicopters of any city in the world with around 2000 flights per day taking place.

13. The famous racing driver Ayrton Senna was born in São Paulo

14. A city with 11 million people needs a big healthcare system with 217 hospitals in the city and over 130, 000 people working in the healthcare industry.

15. Facts about Sao Paulo - SP has the highest GDP of Brazil and South America and ranks 10th in the world list.

16. An IBGE study in 2010 found the population of São Paulo was 52.6% female and 47.4% male.

17. It is estimated that 2 million people and 20% of the population of São Paulo live in favelas (slum housing).

18. Facts about Sao Paulo - São Paulo is a capital for events and hosts approx 90, 000 events per year thats an event nearly every 6 minutes!

19. The São Paulo Aquarium located in the Ipiranga area of the city hold 2 million litres of water, 3000 species of animals and fish and is one of the largest in South America.


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