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Attractions in Santos, Brazil: What to do and where to go  June 1, 2017 – 02:13 pm

Attractions in Santos, BrazilUnlike other destinations, the five miles of coastline in Santos is made up of one long stretch of beach. The city is divided by seven canals that flow into the sea and form a division between the different neighborhoods. Each section of beach in between the canals is named after the area it is in, and has its own attractions for you to enjoy.

Santos is renowned for its tranquil beaches, where you'll find there aren't many waves, which makes them ideal for swimming and water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing. The region also has other interesting places to visit which include churches, museums, and much, much more.

Municipal Aquarium

The Municipal Aquarium is one of Santos' main attractions. It has a huge salt water tank full of sand sharks, manta rays, groupers, and red snappers. They also have an Amazonian tank, with many species native to the rainforest, such as peacock bass, tambaqui, wolfish, arowanas and arapaima. During your visit, you should definitely stop by the Turtle Tank and the interactive "Tanque de Toque" (Touch Tank) where you can hold small sea animals, such as starfish and sea urchins.

Attractions in Santos, BrazilLearn lots about the animals and the different environments that they live in during a fascinating day at the Santos Municipal Aquarium.

The Trams

The trams, or "bondes" in Portuguese, are one of the main attractions in Santos. They were inaugurated in 1909 as a means of public transport, and 100 years later they have evolved into one of the most popular ways for tourists to explore the historic center of Santos. To make this experience even more interesting, there are charming elderly men who will tell you legends and stories about the area.

Beachfront Garden

Another of the main attractions in Santos is its enormous beachfront garden, which stretches for nearly three and a half miles, from Jose Menino to Punta de la Playa. Like a huge colorful carpet, the largest urban garden in the world has an extensive variety of species of plants, including daisies, coleus, and lilies.

Attractions in Santos, BrazilThe garden is a popular meeting place for the locals and tourists, where they can sit on a bench, relax, and enjoy the delicious snacks sold here. If you're feeling a little more energetic, then there are also plenty of pathways for walking or biking.

Municipal Orchidarium

The Orchidarium is located on five acres of land and features 6, 000 species of orchids in the gardens. This park is definitely one of the most beautiful in the city. It has about 800 animals from 100 different species, including reptiles, birds and mammals that live in an environment similar to the Atlantic Forest. Come and enjoy an incredible day admiring the flora, fauna, and stunning scenery.

The Port of Santos

A very popular tourist attraction, the Port of Santos is the largest in Latin America, and one of the most modern ports in Brazil. An incredible amount of ships leave the port for a variety of coastal locations in Brazil, and also to neighboring countries that Brazil trades with. It's also possible to depart from this port on one of the luxurious cruise liners to the country's beautiful tropical beaches, so it's definitely worth visiting!

Other Attractions

  • Pompeia Beach
  • Jose Menino Beach
  • Gonzaga Beach
  • Boqueirao Beach
  • Embare Beach
  • Aparecida Beach
  • Punta de La Playa
  • Mont Serrat
  • Maua Square (Jose Bonifacio Palace)
Attractions in Santos,  Brazil Attractions in Santos,  Brazil


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