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14 Must Visit Places in Brazil - Stunning Locations You Have to See Once  December 30, 2018 – 02:15 am

Brazil claims of a varied landscape that has led to a great deal of tourism industry to perpetuate here. On the one hand where you will find an extensive low-lying Amazon Rainforest, on the other, in the south terrain you shall find that the land is a lot more open, full of hills and low mountains. Inspiring that awe in its travellers, this country still has some untouched landscapes of epic proportions that rival its more famous attractions. Unfolding Brazil’s mystery, we present before at atleast 14 of those must visit places in Brazil!

1. Jericoacoara

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Location: Ceará

Visit this virgin beach that still preserves the simplicity of the old fishing village surrounded by the hues and luminosity of Ceará. Jericoacoara beach has been declared by the Washington Post one of the ten best beaches in the world and considered by Brazilian themselves the best beach in their country.

2. Ouro Preto

Location: Minas Gerais

Ouro Preto, a beautiful town to visit in Brazil will exhibit you the ethereal beauty of Baroque architecture and sublime churches.

3. Terrao Italia

Location: Sao Paulo

Look at this cosmopolitan hub of Brazil that offers stupendous views of skyscrapers and an exciting nightlife.

4. Chapada dos Guimares

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Location: Mato Grosso

Visit the breathtaking Waterfalls, wildlife, and panoramic views of magical terrain.

5. Pipa

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Location: Natal

Pipa will definitely charm you with its sun kissed and unspoilt beaches. Pipa’s beaches are known for its warm waters making it one of the must visit places in Brazil for beach lovers.

6. Inhotim

Location: Minas Gerais

Inhotim is Brazil’s best kept secret for contemporary art lovers. Nestled in the remote southeastern town of Brumadinho (a 90-minute drive from the city of Belo Horizonte), Inhotim offers visitors a full-sensory unparalleled aesthetic experience.

7. Cataratas do Iguau

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Location: Iguau

This place is famous for its waterfalls that cradle the border of Brazil and Argentina. You can either ride a helicopter above the falls or walk on a walkway toward the ‘Devil’s throat.’

8. Porto de Galinhas

Location: Pernambuco

Relax at the natural pools and crystalline blue water here.

9. Monte Roraima

Location: Roraima

Wander amidst the tabletop mountains here that are considered to be some of the oldest geological formations on earth.

10. Bonito

Location: Mato Grosso do Sul

Wonder at some of the clearest rivers in the world in Bonito. Infact some of the rivers here are blue due to the sediments.

11. Lenuteis Maranhenses

Location: Maranho

Here, you shall find nature’s marvel as the water collects in between the dunes.

12. Amazon River

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Location: The second longest river in the world, it touches most of the parts of Brazil.

Explore the rainforest and interact with the indigenous tribes that live along the waters through this ancient Amazon river.


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