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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Brazil  June 27, 2021 – 03:17 pm
10 Best Places to Visit in Brazil (with Photos & Map) - Touropia

Swedish blogger Sandra Svensson spent two and a half months travelling around the vibrant South American country. We asked her to select her favourite places…

Half a year ago Brazil was booming, everyone wanted to be there. The mood was on top and the party was never ending (at least until that game against Germany). Yes, I am talking about the world cup but even before the famous sports event, the country is often associated with football. Having spent quite a bit of time there I know there is so much more to the Brazil. Home to the samba and of course Caipirinha, the country is filled with beautiful people and gorgeous beaches. The vastness and variations of the landscapes make Brazil a particularly interesting country to travel to, it was a tough call but here is my choice for 10 of the the most beautiful places to visit in Brazil….

Rio de Janeiro

A list of beautiful places in Brazil would not be complete without Rio de Janeiro. Everyone I know that has visited loves the place. The city offers something for everyone. Do you want to go hang-gliding? Then do it – the birds-eye view of Rio is hard to beat! Trekking? That is also a possibility. Fancy visiting one of the seven world wonders? Go ahead, but do set a couple of hours aside since the ride up to Christ the Redeemer takes a little while. Bored of hectic city life? Then take a tour to the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema and then finish the day enjoying the nightlife in Lapa, a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro which offers a bars and clubs which cater to all tastes.

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

This beautiful place to visit in Brazil has been voted “Best Brazilian Beach” eight times in a row by readers of the Brazilian magazine Voyage & Tourism. Situated 70 kilometers south of Recife, the town was until the 90´s an isolated fisherman village which now it is accessible to anyone who is looking to relax and enjoy the amazing beaches the town has to offer. Snorkelling is a must here as only a couple of hundred meters out in the sea you will find a reef and when the tide is low, natural pools are created on the beaches behind the reef. In these natural aquariums you will find a stunning selection of colourful fish. Other activities include water sports, horse-riding, trekking, Capoeira and much more.

Lençóis National Park, Maranhão

Lençóis – located in the south of Brazil – provides a view that will leave you gasping for air. The national park is a “desert” unlike any other. The rain collects in the alleys between the sand dunes which result in that what could have been a desert is an area where the sand dunes are varied with turquoise lagoons as far as the eye can see. The lagoons are home to many different species of fish and one of the species stays dormant in the moist areas of the sand during the dry season only to surface when the lagoons once again emerge. The stark contrast between white sand dunes and crystal clear lagoons make Lençóis an experience a must see place in Brazil.

Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul

Pantanal is located in the Brazilian state Mato Grosso do Sul, except for small parts of the wetland that belongs to Bolivia and Paraguay. It’s the world’s largest wetland and the place to go if you are interested in wildlife. The open marshes make it easy to spot the animals and the unspoilt region of Pantanal doesn’t have a large human population which means the wildlife flourishes. The wetland offers beautiful landscapes as well as the chance to see a great variation of birds and other animals. You’ll get a chance to see reptiles as well as jaguars in their natural habitat.

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador is the first colonial capital of Brazil as well as one of the oldest cities of both North- and South America. Known to be Brazil´s capital of happiness, it offers numerous outdoor parties and the city´s street carnival is the largest in the world. The beauty of the city is partly due to its location by the sea but it is much more than that – it has a rich music and architectural culture and a historic area filled with colourful colonial houses and cobblestoned streets.

Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

The gorgeous National Park Chapada Diamantina takes its name from the steep cliffs in the region as well as to the diamonds that where once found here. Visiting the national park you will be provided a smorgasbord of beautiful views of the landscapes from different cliffs. You will see canyons, waterfalls, natural swimming pools, caves and much more. It’s definitely one of those beautiful places which will stay with you even after you leave.


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