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In photos: Take a virtual tour of Brazil's painted streets  October 22, 2020 – 07:20 am

Rua Belo Horizonte, Cuiabá, Brazil. Image courtesy of Google Street View.Not in Brazil for the World Cup? No problem! Sure, you can catch the games at your favorite local sports bar, but did you know that you can experience the atmosphere of the city streets, as well?

has compiled an interactive series called “Brazil’s Painted Streets, ” featuring festively decorated avenues from each of the Brazilian cities playing host to the World Cup. Brazilian soccer fans adorn the streets with patriotic decorations every four years, but this year, they’ve taken their task to new heights, with the eyes of the world squarely focused on Brazilian cities.

Rua Tavares Bastos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Image courtesy Google Street View.These efforts, with the obvious intent of celebrating the country’s sporting legacy, in reality do far more than this. Much like tactical – or “guerilla” – urbanism trends in cities around the world, painting the streets builds community ties, sense of place, and fosters a shared investment in the future of the neighborhood. This helps to build close-knit communities that not only care deeply about the urban environment around them, but also know how to pick up the paintbrush and make the changes they want to see on their streets.

From the testimonies of Brazilian citizens like those in the video above, the World Cup and even soccer itself clearly represent far more than sport, informing the country’s cultural legacy and enriching the definition of Brazilian identity and . Painting the streets, then, is a beautiful expression of this shared identity on the urban landscape.

Below, we at TheCityFix have compiled some of our favorite views of Brazil’s painted streets, courtesy of Google Street View. If you’re lucky to enough to be in Brazil, you can even your own photos of painted streets. And there’s a bonus: some of them even come car-free and pedestrianized!

Natal (above), famous for being the city in the Americas closest to the African continent, has adorned many of its streets not just with paint but also colorful streamers hung from nearby rooftops.


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