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Best hotels in Rio de Janeiro  May 8, 2017 – 12:37 pm
Best hotels in Rio de Janeiro | Telegraph Travel How to Find the Best Rio de Janeiro Hotels with

A truly unique South American getaway location, Rio de Janeiro has something to offer everyone - from the business traveler, to the young explorer, to the family vacationers, anyone and everyone can have a reason to visit Rio. If a trip to this sunny destination is in your plans, we at want to help you find the best accommodations in Rio de Janeiro without breaking your budget. By partnering with a host of Rio de Janeiro hotels in all corners of the city, we are able to offer travelers like you a wide range of quality hotel options in every price range. And with our innovative hotel ratings system, compiled from reviews from previous visitors, along with our exhaustive collections of photos and maps of all our partner locations, we provide you the tools you need to ensure you make the best, most informed choice of hotel possible. Deciding on the right place to stay can be daunting - but we at are here to make it easy for you instead!

What's Rio de Janeiro Like?

The massive statue Cristo Redentor - Christ the Redeemer - is perhaps the most iconic and enduring image of Rio de Janeiro. While it certainly give a hint as to the big and bold styles of much of the city, there is far more to see than that. Rio's Maracana Stadium was used for the 2014 World Cup and houses the Soccer Museum, dedicated to the history of the beautiful game and underlining the sport's importance for both city and country. Rio is resplendent with beaches and gardens, with Arpoador, Copacabana, and Jardim Botanico providing the most stunning examples of each. Rio de Janeiro also is home to a thriving and colorful artistic tradition, with both local displays and street art, as well as major halls and galleries such as the Instituto Moreira Salles. There is also plenty of history to be had as well, though, with the magnificent Paço Imperial and the Museu Histórico Nacional standing as monuments to the rich cultural history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil since their founding. There is so much to see - so be sure to use to find Rio de Janeiro hotels that will help you see it all.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a big place, and requires a bit more care on the part of the traveler to get the most out of their visit. If you plan to explore the city, you'll probably need to rely on taxis; be sure to hail them from taxi stands and stick to the yellow ones. Rio is safer than its reputation suggests, but it is still best to avoid exploring too much after dark. Rio's beaches are always thriving and are a hotspot for the locals with their own unique culture, and the food vendors that frequent the beaches with empadas and sandwiches are generally quite good. Other edible notables include Rio's many churrascaria restaurants. For mingling with local artists, Bairro de Santa Teresa is your best bet, though the arts scene is thriving in Rio wherever you go. Nightlife in Rio is very diverse, but be sure to check out the underground music scene, both modern and traditional. And, a word of advice: it's worth seeing a football match or two, but to avoid offending anyone, avoid taking sides! Altogether, Rio is a can't-miss destination - and to make sure you don't miss out on a great deal, make sure to use to find Rio de Janeiro hotels!


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