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Hotels in Brazil | Tivoli Hotels & Resorts  December 20, 2018 – 02:15 am
Hotels in Brazil - Cheap Brazil Hotels

Brazil boasts an endless variety of breathtaking landscapes - over 7, 000 km of beautiful beaches, cliff-hanging sand dunes, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, tropical rainforest and verdant pampas grazing land.

Over the centuries, Brazil has welcomed a variety of immigrants and its vibrant, multi-cultural communities have spawned renowned cuisines from all over the world. And the Brazilian people make it happen - the happy go-lucky optimists; the spiritual and philosophical poets, writers and artists; and the world-famous singers and musicians with their Bossa Nova and Samba.

With the contagious party-like lifestyle theyare famous for, you'll want to join them for Carnival, football matches or for New Year's Eve celebrations on the beach, all over the country.

With Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, you'll discover the authentic cosmopolitan city of São Paulo and the exceptional beauty of the north-eastern Bahia region, in our two strategically located luxurious hotels.


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