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Best Rio de Janeiro Hotels  September 28, 2016 – 11:33 am
Andrew Harper | Intelligent Luxury Travel

Famous for its scenic location, sandy beaches, and vibrant atmosphere, the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro attracts millions of tourists every year. Why not book into one of the boutique hotels and experience a truly unique South American vacation? Summers (December to February) in Rio are warm, with annual temperatures, peaking at around 85°F. Winter, from June to August, is typically warm and dry, with temperatures reaching around 70°F.

When to go to Rio de Janeiro

Visitor numbers generally peak between November and February, and Rio de Janeiro hotels can become crowded, especially during Carnival time, in February. Carnival in Rio is an experience of a lifetime, but you won’t be disappointed if you choose to visit in the off-peak season instead.

How to get to Rio de Janeiro

Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) serves the city. Staying at an airport hotel is one option, with a range of 5 star hotels to choose from. Or alternatively, transfer the 12 miles into downtown Rio by bus or taxi. The city itself is well connected by the Metro Rio system, supported by a variety of bus routes, the Santa Teresa Tram, and commuter rail lines, meaning all the main attractions in Rio de Janeiro are easily accessible at very low cost.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

Towering over the city is the world-famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, perched on top of Corcovado Mountain. Many tourists like nothing better than chilling out on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Lively restaurants and bars line the beachfronts, including Shenanigans, an Irish pub and sports bar, in Ipanema, which is particularly popular with backpackers, and there are plenty of budget hotels in the surrounding streets. A visit to the Macarena Stadium, home of Brazilian soccer, is a must.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro has a variety of Rio accommodation options, including those perfect for backpackers and travelers on a budget, such as cheap hotels, discount hotels, and hostels. Find hotels to match your needs on our website before booking your Brazilian adventure with us directly.


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