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Historical Places of Brazil  December 25, 2019 – 01:38 pm
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The historical places of Brazil offer a glimpse into the country's rich ancient culture and traditions and take you back in time. To experience the historic heritage of the Portuguese colonial times, visit the towns of Parati, Olinda, Ouro Preto and Belo Horizonte. These historical places of Brazil have beautifully preserved the heritage of the country's colonial past. Here is a list of the major historical sites of Brazil which attracts tourists from all over the globe.

  • Ouro Preto
  • Olinda
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Parati

Ouro Preto
The historic town of Ouro Preto founded at the end of the 17th century, was the center of the gold rush and Brazil's golden age in the 18th century. The numerous museums, churches, colonial houses and streets of Ouro Preto bear testimony to its past prosperity and the outstanding talent of the Baroque sculptor Aleijadinho.

Towards the end of the 18th century, Ouro Preto, along with Recife, was the sight of the movement for Brazilian independence from Portugal.

Ouro Preto is filled with distinguished works of art and in the year 1933 it was made into a national monument. The majority of the city's public buildings, baroque churches, and private houses date back to the 18th century. As one of the major historical places of Brazil, Ouro Preto is worth a visit.

The historic town of Olinda was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The history of this town is closely associated with the sugar-cane industry. Olinda was reconstructed after being plundered by the Dutch and its basic urban structure dates from the 18th century. Today it is one of the major historical places of Brazil. The city's charm lies in the harmonious balance between the gardens, buildings, Baroque churches, convents and several small passos (chapels).

Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte is the third largest city in Brazil and the capital of Minas Gerais state. It is the center of a vast area which includes Ouro Preto and the small towns of Sabará, Diamantina or Mariana, along with marvelous examples of colonial and baroque architecture. Belo Horizonte is among the leading historical places of Brazil.

Paraty is a fascinating old colonial town from 17th century, located 125 miles from Rio de Janeiro on Ilha Grande Bay, which is the southeastern coast of Brazil. Owing to its strategic location, Paraty was one of the most important ports in Brazil during Ciclo de Ouro, or the Golden Century. Today the opulence of that period can still be observed in the several beautiful and well preserved colonial buildings, in the city center. Paraty is also spelled as Parati and is one of the top historical places of Brazil.


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