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Getting a Brazilian Visa  August 17, 2019 – 10:14 am
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Getting a visa can be a complicated and stressing process, so we prepared an article with a step-by-step guide on how to get a Brazilian visa.


Over the last decade, Brazil has called the attention of foreign investors who want to start their businesses in the country. Besides those who come here seeking business opportunities, Brazil has also called the attention of foreign tourists, especially after being chosen to host major events such as the 2014 World Cup and The Olympics.

For the citizens of some countries, coming to Brazil requires the issuance of a visa, what can be very time-consuming as there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. Brazil applies the reciprocity policy, so it treats foreign citizens according to how that country treats Brazilians, so citizens from most western countries - with the exception of the US - are not required to issue a Brazilian visa when visiting Brazil for less than 90 days. Also, most Brazilian visa options - such as the tourist one - do not require an invitation from a Brazilian citizen.

Visa Options

Visas are issued to foreigners according to the purpose of the visit to the country. Before going to the Brazilian embassy, it is important to know what your options are and for how long they allow you to stay in the country. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, the visa options are:

Visa Type Information
Transit For foreigners who need to pass through Brazil during a trip before arriving at the final destination. Maximum stay of ten days.
Tourist For those visiting the country without any migratory intention. Maximum stay of 90 days, extendable only once.
Temporary Travelers with cultural, educational, business and artistic purposes.
Permanent For foreigners who intend to live in Brazil. Some permanent visas require previous authorization from the Ministry of Labor.


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