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Facts About Salvador – 14 interesting facts about Salvador you must know!  April 4, 2022 – 06:17 am
Elevador Lacerda Salvador Bahia

Facts about Salvador, Bahia - Take a quick read of the 14 interesting and fun facts about Salvador in Brazil the capital of the North Eastern state of Bahia. With a regional population of approx 3.4 million people and the city itself close to 1 million inhabitants. .

Facts about Salvador - So lets have a look as some interesting facts about Salvador in Brazil.

1. Salvador was the first capital city of Brazil and held the mantel in 1763 to Rio de Janeiro. - Facts about Salvador

2. It is the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia, the largest city in the Northeast Region and the 3rd-largest city in the country, after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with approx 3 million inhabitants.

3. Founded by the Portuguese on the 1549 as the first capital of Brazil, Salvador is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas.

4. A sharp escarpment divides its Lower Town (Cidade Baixa) from its Upper Town (Cidade Alta) by some 85 meters (279 ft).

5. The Elevador Lacerda, Brazil's first elevator, has connected the two since 1873. The Pelourinho district of the upper town, still home to many examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments, was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. - Facts about Salvador

Porto Da Barra Beach Salvador

6. The city's cathedral is the primate of Brazil and its Carnival celebration has been reckoned as the largest party in the world.

7. Salvador was the first slave port in the Americas and the African influence of the slaves' descendants makes it a center of Afro-Brazilian (preto) culture with 80% of the population with African descendance.

8. With more than 300 Catholic churches - say they are 365, one for each day of the year - Salvador brings together an impressive work of baroque architecture. The most famous churches are Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia, Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, Convento de São Francisco and the Catedral Basílica.

9. Salvador forms the heart of the Recôncavo, Bahia's rich agricultural and industrial maritime district, and continues to be a major Brazilian port. - Facts about Salvador

10. Porto da Barra Beach in Barra has been named one of the best beaches in the world.

11. The carnival of Salvador is the largest in the world and attracts around 2 million visitors a year .

12. The first medical school in Brazil was founded in Salvador.

13. In 1624 Salvador was taken by the Dutch who arrived with 24 boasts and 1700 soldiors. it only held the city for a year and was retaken by the Portuguese a year later;

14. The natives of Salvador are known as ¨Soteropolitano¨ or ¨Soteropolitana¨ for females. - Facts about Salvador


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