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Linda Kern Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Views: 33049  February 8, 2019 – 02:19 am
File:Brazil (World Factbook).png - Wikimedia Commons

The Factbook is considered to be an online reference work, and you are citing an entry.

The format for in text citations is based on how the source is cited in the References. It must match the first two elements of the reference entry. The reference entry is:

Author, A. (year). Entry. In E. Editor (Ed.), Title of reference work. Retrieved from URL

For the Factbook, citing the section on Brazil, it would look like this in the reference list:

Central Intelligence Agency. (2016). Brazil. In The world factbook. Retrieved from https://

and like this in the text: (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016) or this: According to the Central Intelligence Agency (2016), Brazil is the largest...

I got the year from "Page last updated..." just under the green bar on the Brazil page. There is no E. Editor (Ed.), because the Factbook doesn't list one. Always use the URL of the page you got the information from.


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