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Consular and Visa Services  March 24, 2020 – 04:34 pm

Embaixada do Brasil em Washington Consular and Visa Services

The Embassy of Brazil in Washington, DC does not have a consular section.

For information regarding assistance to underprivileged Brazilian, arrested Brazilian nationals, or Brazilian nationals in need of guidance; issuance of notarial acts and civil registration, granting of ordinary passports, granting and extension of official Brazilian passports; visas on foreign passports, authentication foreign documents, military conscription, voters registration, receipt of income tax declarations for Brazilians living abroad, please contact the Consulate General at Washington, D.C at For more information please contact the consulate of your jurisdiction.

Alternatively, you can consult the Consular Portal or you can visit the Ministry of External Relations's website for a list of representations of Brazil worldwide.

* Please note that Brazil requires U.S.citizens to carry a valid U.S.passport and visa when traveling to Brazilfor any purpose. You must obtain your Brazilian visa in advance from the Brazilian Consulate of your jurisdiction.


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