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Important Information  January 3, 2022 – 11:48 pm
How to Apply for Brazil Tourist Visa

Independently of the type of visa you would like to apply for, please take note that the requirements below must be followed by all

Online form for applying for a Brazilian visa:

You may access the online form for applying for a Brazilian visa by .

Application admission

Beginning on August 24th, 2015, visa applications will only be accepted if the applicant’s picture and signature, as well as other pertinent documents, are duly uploaded before the handing of the application at the Consular Section.

Visa types:

The types of visa that can be given by the Consular Authorities depend on the declared activities in Brazil. The table below details the requirements for each visa according to the intentions of the trip. We kindly recommend that the applicant read the requirements carefully.

Step-by-step tips on how to apply for a visa:

  • Passport validity: Applicants’ passports must be valid for no less than 6 (six) months.
  • Filling out the form: Applicants are strongly advised to personally fill out their form, as to avoid the processing of wrong data, which may cause inconveniences with immigration authorities or law agencies in Brazil.
  • Document upload: The applicants' picture and signature, as well as other pertinent documents, must be uploaded prior to the handing of the application at the Consular Section.
  • Signing the form: The visa application form must be signed by the applicant. Forms signed by third parties, with or without powers-of-attorney, will not be accepted.
  • Required documentation:
  • Each visa request should have a cover letter signed by the applicant and addressed to the Embassy, giving all possible details of the proposed trip.
  • All communication from India addressed to the Embassy must be presented in their original versions.
  • Any photocopies of other documents submitted must be clear, legible and valid.
  • All letters presented to the Embassy from India and/or Brazil should have the name, designation, department and contact number below the signature of the authorized signatory.
  • If the applicant has previously held Brazilian visas, photocopies of the previous visas must be given along with the other documentation.
  • Photos should be recent and of good quality, sized 5cm x 4cm, front view, white background. All facial features should be clearly visible. Snapshots, computer pictures, and touched up photographs will not be accepted.
  • Be aware that the Embassy may request additional information/documentation as deemed necessary.
  • Paying for the visa: The Embassy of Brazil only accepts Visa Fees and other Consular Fees in the form of a non refundable single Bank Draft, equivalent to the Visa Fee, drawn in favour of “Embassy of Brazil – Consular”, payable in New Delhi. Since 20 May 2014, Brazil no longer charges processing fees for applications handed in by third parties, but all other visa fees will not be returned in the event your visa is not granted for whatever reason. If you need more information, click here to be directed to the Visa Fees page.
  • Handing out the form: The completed form, your passport, the payment, and all of the required documentation must be handed to the Embassy within 30 (thirty) days of the date the form was completed. A new application must be prepared if the applicant fails to hand in the form within this period.
  • Visa processing: The type of visa and its validity are decided by the Embassy. Both the type and the duration of a visa result from the assessment made by the Consular Section of the documentation presented by the applicant in support of the declared activities in Brazil. However, information correctly provided by the applicant greatly speeds up the processing of applications, so pay attention to the requirements for the type of visa you are looking for.
  • Additional requirements:

    Non Indian Citizens: Non Indian Citizens will need to come personally and also present a copy of the Indian Residential Permit for foreign residents and/or a valid document to return from Brazil to India or to another country.

    Minors under 18 years of age: Aside from the documents required by the visa, minors under 18 years of age (of any nationality) must also provide:

    1) Original birth certificate and a copy. Copies presented without the original birth certificate must be notarized.

    2) A notarized letter of consent, signed by the parent not travelling with the minor, or by both parents if the minor is travelling alone. If the minor is travelling with both parents the letter will not be necessary, as long as both parents sign the visa application form.

    3) Immunization record for polio for children between ages of three months and six years. The polio certificate must be duly attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of Delhi, Patiala House. If the child cannot be inoculated, bring a notarized letter from the child's physician.

    International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate:

    The Brazilian government does not require Indian citizens to have the international yellow fever vaccination certificate in order to enter Brazil. However, the Brazilian National Health Agency (ANVISA) recommends that all travellers take the vaccination before visiting areas where there is risk of contracting yellow fever.

    The places which present more risks are those with forests and rivers in the following regions: all states in the North and Center-West Regions; parts of North-East (Maranhão, the south-west of Piauí, the west and south of Bahia), South-East (Minas Gerais, west of São Paulo, north of Espírito Santo) and South (west of Paraná, west of Santa Catarina and west of Rio Grande do Sul).

    Even though the certificate is not mandatory to enter Brazil, the Indian government requires that all travellers flying from Brazil to India, including Indian citizens, hold a valid yellow fever certificate. If an Indian citizen does not have the yellow fever certificate, he/she may not be allowed to enter in India when coming back from Brazil. For further information on the need to hold an international yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter India, and also on where to take the vaccination in India, the Embassy of Brazil kindly requests you to consult the competent Indian authorities.

    Checking your application status:

    1) Received - your application has been received.

    2) Processing - the application is currently being processed by the Consular Authority.

    3) Authorized - the visa has been authorized and is ready to be printed.

    4) Ready for collection – the visa has been issued and the passport is ready to be collected at the Visa Section of the Embassy on any working day between 9:30 and 11:00.

    If you are unable to find your process on the website, and you haven't applied for your visa personally, you are kindly requested to confirm with your travel agent whether he has actually applied for the visa in the Embassy of Brazil.

    If the Embassy needs additional information before deciding if the visa can be issued and what would be the most appropriate kind of visa to issue, you and your travel agent will be contacted by telephone or email.

    We strongly suggest that the applicants bring the additional documents personally to the Visa Section of the Embassy of Brazil. Documents that are brought personally are processed much faster than documents sent by any other media.


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