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brazil tourist visa for canadians

how to apply for a visa  April 24, 2022 – 06:23 am
Brazil removes visa requirements for Canadians in 2016
  • To fill out the online application form, please go to and click on VISA. You may have to change the language of the webpage. To change the language, click on the corresponding flag on the top right corner of the page.
  • Avoid using Internet Explorer as a browser.
  • If you receive a security warning, please trust the website, add an exception to your browser and proceed to the webpage.
  • There are six (6) tabs in total to fill out:
  • The first tab asks for general information (identification data, place of birth, nationality, parents info);

    The second tab asks for visa data (objective of the trip and planned stay). Under objective of trip, please select the main purpose of your trip;

    The third tab asks info about the travel document and a second piece of i.d. (passport and driver's license, for instance);

    The fourth tab asks info about occupation (profession and employer address, etc.);

    The fifth tab asks for contact information (permanent address, other addresses, contact in Brazil; you can also add an emergency contact);

    The sixth and last tab will ask for scanned material (photograph, signature, and scanned supporting documents, such as a letter of invitation).

  • You must complete all fields or check the checkbox "unknown" to move forward; the applicant will only be able to advance to the next tab when all required fields are completed (or marked as "unknown").

  • Your name and passport number must be displayed exactly as they appear in your passport. For example if your full name is "Edward John Peterson", fill in "Edward John" under given names, and "Peterson" under last name.
  • Enter your parents' full names as shown in the birth certificate.
  • While filling out the form, you will be asked to upload documents, including the photograph, the signature and the supporting documentation. Please note that uploading your documents to the electronic form is mandatory, but it does not exclude the physical presentation of the same documents to the Consulate. The online application form only accepts JPG / JPEG, GIF and PNG files, with a minimum size of 413 x 531 pixels for photos and 420 x 240 pixels for the signature (see details below). The maximum allowed size for each uploaded file is 300 KB.
  • At the end of the process, you will be prompted to print the receipt (visa request form receipt or RER).
  • Sign the receipt and glue a 2x2" photograph of your face against a white background on the placement guide (box). Under CONTACT, please write the applicant's name and telephone number (or legal guardian's name and telephone number in the case of minors).
  • If you need to edit any information in the electronic form or upload additional documents, click on UPDATE VISA REQUEST FORM and follow the instructions.
  • After completing these steps, prepare the physical application package to submit to the Consulate containing your passport, RER, photograph, money order, supporting documentation for the specific visa type and prepaid return envelope from Canada Post (Xpresspost or Priority).

  • How to upload the photograph: The photo upload must be done from the same professional photo obtained of 2x2 inches. No amateur photos will be accepted (for instance, photos taken with cell phones). Please be advised that if you upload a non-professional photo, your application will be rejected. Configure your scanner for a minimum resolution of 200d.p.i. The aspect ratio for photo upload is 3x4 cm and the minimum size is required is 413 x 531 pixels. Please use a photo editor software (such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager) to edit your scanned photo. You may have to use tools such as crop and resize. Then save it in JPEG format before performing the upload.
  • How to upload the signature: sign on blank sheet, scan it and crop the signature to the accepted size (minimum 420 x 240 pixels), save it in JPEG format, then upload it.
  • How to upload the supporting documents (letter of intent, proof of available funds, invitation letter, etc.)The supporting documents must be in PDF format. The uploaded documents should not exceed 2MB. It is advisable to reduce the resolution of scanned pages whenever possible.

    Click on the visa type to check specific requirements:

  • For tourist trips to Brazil. Includes visit to relatives and/or friends.
  • Unpaid participation in athletic or artistic events or competitions.
  • Unpaid participation in scientific or academic seminars, or conferences sponsored by a research or academic institution.
  • For foreign citizens stopping or passing by on their way to a third country. Transit visa is for transit only at the airport, not suitable for tourism.
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