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Best places to visit in Brazil  February 23, 2022 – 02:37 am

Secondary-Rio-Dancers-BrazilBest places to visit in Brazil: Our pick #4

Sao Paulo

The thriving metropolis of Sao Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and a beehive of activity. With an overwhelming array of attractions including world-class museums, nightly concerts, experimental theatre and dance, it’s no wonder it’s deemed the country’s cultural capital. And with its nightclubs, restaurants and bars amongst the best in South America, it’s a popular place to be. It wasn’t always so as Sao Paulo remained a colonial backwater for much of its history. The 19th century saw the city creep from the shadows and the explosion of immigrant workers in the 20th century brought new life to Sao Paulo. With a population of 17 million people from all over the world, the city is Brazil’s most culturally diverse destination. For the wandering traveller, a stroll through Sao Paulo’s neighbourhoods is a window into the shops and restaurants of the world.


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