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Visit Brazil Without A Visa During The Rio Olympics

6. Re: Brazil visa for Australians

And to answer the Sydney writer's question, the procedure in Chile (and Argentina) is completely different from Brazil. In Chile and Argentina, ordinary tourists from Canada, the United States, and Australia do not require visas. These countries do insist that we pay a special tax in retaliation for the fees our governments charge Chilean and Argentine visitors. This fee is paid at the airport in Chile (and on the internet for Argentina), though. Once it's paid, no further steps are needed for us.

(Other readers note, they do require require a lot more of visitors from some countries. You know who you are.)

Brazil is different. You can't simply pay at the border. The Brazilians require our tourists to get actual visas. They're not the kind that consist merely of paying a fee, amd they aren't just stamped in at the border, either. We have to apply well in advance, and sometimes the procedure takes over a month. Airlines are required to look for the Brazilian visa on international flights to Brazil, and they'll likely deny you boarding if you show up at Sydney Airport without. (Countries impose heavy fines on airlines bringing in travelers without proper documentation.)

(Not all travelers need such visas. Some, like European Union passport holders, are not subject to these taxes and visa requirements, because EU governments don't do it to Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean visitors. Once again, you know who you are.)


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