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Spirits of the Earth  February 21, 2018 – 04:21 pm
The Best Hotels in Abadiania, Brazil for 2017 (with Prices from Abadiania

Abadiania is located in the central state of Goias in the Brazilian Altiplano. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive to Abadiania from Brazilia International Airport.

The population of the Abadiania is approximately 12, 000 people although only about 7, 500 live in the part of town that is closest to the highway nearest the Casa de Dom Inacio.

The old Abadiania also known as Posse d'Abadia remains a quaint little village nestled in the middle of green rolling hills speckled with white Brahma cattle. The elevation of Abadiania is 1, 052 Meters or 3, 455 feet. The principal industry in this region is agriculture and cattle ranching.

Making the turn down the street that leads to the Casa de Dom Inacio from the main street of Abadiania, you will sense a shift in the energy. This small unpretentious village is sitting on a huge vortex of energy created by the vast bed of crystal quartz below, one of the largest in the world.

The dusty streets of the little rural village are lined with quaint brightly colored pousadas (hotels), cafes, and simple shops that sell crystals, jewellry, white cotton clothing, Havaiana flip flops, and basic sundries. All of the cafes and pousadas catering to Casa visitors are very aware of the Casa dietary restrictions such as fertilized eggs, alcohol or hot peppers. Visitors can relax and enjoy the local culinary delights without concern. Our favorite local treat is the Acai bowl (pronounced ah-sah-ee, native fruit to Brazil) with Passion fruit cream and homemade organic granola...yum!

The pace is slow with people walking unhurried in their white outfits glistening in the Brazilian sun; they look angelic. There is a non-threatening appeal to this village. Even the local ‘street dogs’ are full of personality and an open hearted hello with a wag of their tail. Often times the conversation on the street is about the many miracles people are experiencing.

Weather in Abadiania is classified as Tropical Savanna. Concentrated rain showers in the summer months October through April and a dry season from May through September. The temperature is in the 70’s and 80’s most of the time. Nights are cooler.

Cattle wander the countryside, and visitors can see many different kinds of birds when strolling the country road outside of town, including the occasional wild toucan, scarlet or blue macaw, and emu.

Colorful hummingbirds come and go, as do the rare and delightful large, Blue Morph butterflies (usually seen near the sacred waterfall of the Casa which is located in the lush valley in the above photo) and other smaller, multi-colored butterflies.

Early dawn and evening are especially wonderful for listening to the many bird songs echoing through the valley, and for capturing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Forget your alarm clock? No problem, you’ll likely get your wake up call from a local rooster or two!

Abadiania is now accustomed to the never-ending influx of foreign visitors. Nonetheless, just like anywhere in the world, we advise visitors to use common sense and not flash money and expensive jewelry around when out in public. In the evening, it is safe to stroll the main street that passes by the Casa and on which most of the hotels and pousadas are located. There are roving security officers and patrol cars keeping their eye out for our safety. As a rule it's always best to travel with a buddy. We are simply asked by John of God and the Casa staff to be back in our hotels by 10pm each night, both for general security and in order to get plenty of rest during our stay.


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